Ruby on Rails 教程

Ruby on Rails Tutorial 原书第 2 版(涵盖 Rails 3.2)


    Ruby 是一门很美的计算机语言,其设计原则就是“让编程人员快乐”。David Heinemeier Hansson 就是看重了这一点,才在开发 Rails 框架时选择了 Ruby。Rails 常被称作 Ruby on Rails,它让 Web 开发变得从未这么快速,也从未如此简单。在过去的几年中,《Ruby on Rails Tutorial》这本书被视为介绍使用 Rails 进行 Web 开发的先驱者。

    在这个全球互联的世界中,计算机编程和 Web 应用程序开发都在迅猛发展,我很期待能为中国的开发者提供 Ruby on Rails 培训。学习英语这门世界语言是很重要的,但先通过母语学习往往会更有效果。正因为这样,当看到 Andor Chen 把《Ruby on Rails Tutorial》翻译成中文时,我很高兴。



    《Ruby on Rails Tutorial》作者 Michael Hartl


    Ruby is a delightful computer language explicitly designed to make programmers happy. This philosophy influenced David Heinemeier Hansson to pick Ruby when implementing the Rails web framework. Ruby on Rails, as it’s often called, makes building custom web applications faster and easier than ever before. In the past few years, the Ruby on Rails Tutorial has become the leading introduction to web development with Rails.

    In our interconnected world, computer programming and web application development are rapidly rising in importance, and I am excited to support Ruby on Rails in China. Although it is important to learn English, which is the international language of programming, it’s often helpful at first to learn in your native language. It is for this reason that I am grateful to Andor Chen for producing the Chinese-language edition of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial book.

    I’ve never been to China, but I definitely plan to visit some day. I hope I’ll have the chance to meet some of you when I do!

    Best wishes and good luck,

    Michael Hartl
    The Ruby on Rails Tutorial